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Freely downloadable, USEF delivers all the relevant components required to understand and implement a market for flexibility.

USEF: The Framework Explained is our core publication. To download the framework, please enter your details after clicking the download-button. Add-ons and enrichments can be found in our Publications section.


USEF Flexibility Trading Protocol Specifications 1.01

The USEF Flex Trading protocol (UFTP) is a subset of the USEF Framework. Focused specifically on the exchange of flexibility between Aggregators and DSO's. Download

.XSD files USEF Flexibility Trading Protocol

The USEF Flex Trading protocol (UFTP) is a subset of the USEF framework. UFTP can be used as a stand-alone protocol for flexibility forecasting, offering, ordering, and settlement processes. Visit

USEF: The framework explained

Outlines our vision and approach to the flexibility market design, with a description of the structure, market roles, tools and rules. Download

USEF: The privacy and security guideline

Our definition for balancing consumer confidence with security of supply, while complying with new European General Data Protection Regulation. Download