USEF in action (2014 – 2021)

USEF has been adopted in smart energy projects across Europe.

Interreg CvvP

A novel community-based Virtual Power Plant
Location: European Union

Conceptualising and testing cVPP in three locations Read more


Business case for commoditized flexibility
Location: Scotland, UK

A live trial of a common flexibility market framework in East Fife, Scotland. Read more

InterFlex - Enexis

Flexibility market based on static battery storage and electric vehicles
Location: Netherlands

One of six InterFlex projects. Empowering DSOs in the transition to more flexible local energy systems ...
Read more


Solving problems today
Location: Netherlands

Covering three live locations, the project aims to prove that flexibility can be used to avoid or delay the need for extra cabling….. Read more


Converting data centres in energy flexibility ecosystems
Location: European Union

Turning data centres into flexible multi-energy hubs capable of sustaining investments in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency….. Read more


Successful demonstration of an operational USEF flexibility market
Location: Netherlands

This project, in Heerhugowaard, tested a USEF flexibility market for the first time and has shown that it works. 200 households using smart appliances to offer flexibility... Read more
hoog dalem

Hoog Dalem

USEF proof of concept delivered with solar and in-home batteries
Location: Netherlands

42 households in an urban neighbourhood participate in a real life test where in-home-battery systems are combined with solar production, a smart in-home... Read more


Scalable market solutions for energy transition
Location: Germany

Demonstrating solutions for grid, market and data. A central flexibility platform to enable system operators to contract with aggregators and a mechanism to verify actual delivery …..
Read more

Danish Market Models

Introduction of aggregator in the Danish energy market
Location: Denmark

Identifying suitable market models for activation of aggregated flexibility as part of planning the energy system of the future….. Read more

Smart Grids Task Force – EG3

Informing EU smart grid policy
Location: European Union

USEF was asked to join EG3 as a result of its work on a regulatory framework for demand side flexibility …..
Read more

ebIX distributed flexibility project

Standardized processes and data exchange
Location: European Union

The ebIX distributed flexibility project aims to define standardized processes and data exchange for energy flexibility products …. Read more


Unlocking DR potential in the distribution grid
Location: European Union

Penetrating EU demand response markets by linking cutting-edge Multi-Agent System science, forecasting and cyber security with emerging innovative SMEs ... Read more

Smart Solar Charging

District level balancing with solar and EV
Location: Netherlands

Vehicle users set their smart charging preferences via an app, enabling Jedlix to aggregate flexibility ... Read more

Flexibility from residential power consumption

Location: Netherlands

End report of USEF’s first completed demonstration project: EnergieKoplopers. Read more

Dealen met pieken en dalen in nieuw energielandschap

Smart Energy Collective (SEC)
Location: Netherlands

End report ProSECco - Trials Smart Energy Collective & Co. (Dutch only) Read more
Isles of Scilly (UK)

Smart Energy Isles

A new energy platform for the Isles of Scilly
Location: Scilly Isles, UK

Hitachi Europe, working with Moixa and PassivSystems and part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, has created a new energy platform for the Isles of Scilly.
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