General Benefits

By delivering a common standard on which to build smart energy implementations, USEF connects people, technologies, projects and energy markets. It is the basis for an integrated smart energy future that is both efficient and cost-effective. The framework defines each stakeholder role in the energy market, how they interact and how they can benefit by doing so. With existing detailed specifications and real-life pilots in the market, USEF is perhaps the most comprehensive, advanced initiative of its kind.


Connects smart energy products and projects

USEF’s open IT architecture provides the freedom to create unique and commercially competitive smart energy products and services, while delivering the common standard on which to build them. This ensures that all technologies and projects will be compatible and connectable to the future smart energy system.

Delivers smart energy market opportunities

The smart energy market will see existing roles adapted and new roles created, some of which will be appealing to all types of organisation, from supermarkets to insurance companies. By defining the individual roles, responsibilities and interactions required, USEF enables interested parties to both understand and realise smart energy opportunities.

Accelerates smart energy transition

Rapid transition to a smart energy future requires that we think beyond existing roles, companies, regions and countries. We need to work together, based on a common standard, towards an integrated system that benefits everyone. USEF was founded on those principles and delivers the tools and rules to make it happen.

Reduces costs

By delivering a common standard to build on, USEF reduces the cost to connect different technologies and projects to the energy system. Its market-based control mechanism then defines the rules required to optimise that whole system, ensuring that energy is produced, delivered and managed at lowest cost.