Founding Partners

USEF was founded by seven key players, all active across the smart energy chain. They recognised that the fastest, most cost-effective route to an integrated smart energy future was to work together, sharing expertise across roles and boundaries.

DSOs Alliander and Stedin are leading further market standardisation for USEF. Others focus on implementation and remain involved through our Founding Partner Meetings.

The energy revolution has begun. We will have a lot more two-way traffic, with millions of small-scale producers and consumers of energy. With USEF we create an open model that will keep the overall energy supply safe, reliable and affordable, and of course more sustainable. Values, which are very important for us as grid operator. Alliander believes in one common smart energy standard for a unified European power system, built around consumers, with commercial and benefits for all.

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Stedin is convinced that USEF will form the basis for new markets and will help to speed up the creation of these markets. Being a founding partner in USEF offers the opportunity to follow the most efficient and effective road preparing Stedin for its new role in the energy market and thus to serve our customers in the best way.

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With a more active market participation consumers demand higher levels of safety, comfort and sustainability. It changes the role of producers and installation companies. At ABB we foresee a more collaborative market and have joined USEF to work together across roles and boundaries, working towards a new market model with consumers at its heart.

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As the largest global independent energy expert, DNV GL is assisting city leaders to develop future frameworks and harness innovative technological solutions to create a stepped approach to the smart green cities of the future. We are also working collaboratively with a range of other organisations like USEF to help develop integrated smart energy solutions and to deliver projects that demonstrate their effectiveness.

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The development of a 'Web Wide World', with interconnected intelligent tools and apps enables the acceleration of the energy transition. IBM joins USEF to develop smarter energy capabilities in order to improve reliability, efficiency and return on assets, better engage customers, reduce costs, manage distributed energy resources, and transform operations for the 21st century.

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We believe that USEF will transform the energy sector; accelerating development of smart energy products services and solution for use in large-scale smart energy grids. ICT is a leading software integrator providing solutions in information and communication technology with a strong connection to the energy market and we are proud to be part of this transformative project.

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Essent joined USEF’s founding partners to collaborate on a new market model that enabled and rewarded consumer flexibility. Since 2017, Essent has been focusing on practical application of the framework and commercial deployment of the supplier/ aggregator role within flexibility markets. While Essent still works closely with USEF, it is no longer involved in further development of the framework.

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New Partners

Partners are crucial to our success and we warmly invite new parties to join the USEF community, top support the further development and roll-out of the framework.