A small, dedicated team with access to broader expertise

The USEF Foundation’s common standard has been delivered by lots of people from many different companies, working collaboratively to deliver a shared goal for a smart energy future. Day-to-day activities are undertaken by a small, dedicated team. They are primarily tasked with safeguarding the objectives and integrity of the organisation and the framework. They also coordinate projects and partners and, for larger projects, identify the right expertise from across the partner organisations.

USEF Executive Board

Aart Jan Zwartscholten (Chairman), Manager Innovation - Stedin
Jeroen Bode (Deputy Chairman), Owner - Bodesteyn
Bram Sieben (Financial Director), Board Advisor - Liander

USEF Supervisory Board

David Peters (Chairman), Chief Transition Officer - Stedin
Daan Schut (Member), Chief Transition Officer - Alliander

USEF Foundation

These experts contribute to the framework design and support the user group:

Jorian Gauw
Hans de Heer
Elke Klaassen
Marten van der Laan
Aurora Sáez Armenteros
Jelle Wijnja