Join our Review Board

Since launching our framework in 2015, we have been working to enrich its scope and relevance, to ensure that the framework fits multiple market models. We have now started the work to embed all learning and related content within USEF. To discuss the content and applicability for different settings across different countries, we have established the USEF Review Board: a forum of specialists across borders that meets 2-3 times a year.

RB2017: a few seats still open

The Review Board is a forum of renowned specialists across borders that acts as a sparring partner for the Design Team. We still have a few seats available for solid European Energy Market professionals with Demand Response expertise to join the USEF Review Board. Keen to join? Mail us!

Expand your view on DSF

* Contribute to new standards for an integrated energy market
* Share DSF knowledge across roles and boundaries
* Cooperate with other flexibility market thought leaders
* Be part of a game-changing smart energy initiative