An expanded view for DSR aggregation

While there has been much discussion between lawmakers and industry on the topic of energy flexibility aggregation, they do agree that aggregators are a crucial element of any future energy system. Exactly how aggregation will work in practice, however, remains a hotly debated issue. The primary reasons are the complexity of this issue, and the large diversity of possible market and regulatory environments.

Engineering a solution
This question is now being addressed by the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) Foundation’s Aggregator Workstream. Building on the strong work already carried out by bodies such as the European Commission, EDSO, ENTSOE, EURELECTRIC and the SEDC, our team of experts from major stakeholders across Europe has identified a comprehensive set of possible aggregation implementation models that enable an optimal solution for any market situation. These models were recently presented in the workstream’s interim results. A final report – which will also cover the implications of a choosing each model – will be published at the end of 2016.

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