USEF Foundation

USEF was founded in 2014 by seven key players, active across the smart energy industry. It grew out of the Smart Energy Collective (SEC), a Dutch multi-partner collaboration, developing smart energy technologies and services and bringing them together into five large-scale smart energy pilot projects. This work demonstrated an urgent need for a common standard for smart energy development to ensure interconnectivity in a future integrated market.

USEF’s Founding Partners had one shared goal: to accelerate the establishment of an integrated smart energy system which benefits all stakeholders, from energy companies to consumers. To date USEF’s ongoing development is managed by a user community, supported by a small USEF Design Team tasked with coordinating expertise, projects and partners while safeguarding the integrity and objectives of USEF.




USEF Foundation partners believe that opening up the flexibility market is integral to creating a future smart energy system which offers value to all. To create this market, we believe we need to work together, joining forces across roles and boundaries to deliver and build on one common standard.


We aim to contribute to the development of a common smart energy standard and shared EU framework to maximise the value of flexibility within a unified smart energy system. This will offer value to all market stakeholders and promote the adoption of renewable energy.

Guiding principles

We operate in a neutral role, without commercial or political bias. Three values are central in everything that the USEF Foundation does: Accessibility, Collaboration and Enablement.

We believe that a well-functioning flexibility market should benefit all in the system, that the activation of flexibility should be market based and that the aggregator holds a central role in doing so.