The Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) is an international common standard that ensures smart energy technologies and projects are connectable at lowest cost. Its component parts enable the commoditisation and market trading of flexible energy use and specify all stakeholder roles (new and existing), how they interact and how they can benefit by doing so.

USEF describes the market for flexibility, offering the Framework description, with specifications, designs and implementation guidelines. With our reference implementation (‘Framework-implemented’) and the knowledge from pilots, we support users with insights, structure and sample coding.

USEF accelerates the commercial deployment of smart energy solutions. Adopting USEF increases the relevance and impact of products and pilots. By building on one common standard and exchanging insights, implementations accelerate, future connectability is assured and solutions are rapidly scalable.

USEF is already being applied to smart energy demonstration projects and, as a framework, it can be adapted to fit different scenarios and markets. The only prerequisite is that they share its core principles i.e. that flexible energy use is considered a commodity, and that trading it will impact the interaction of all stakeholders in the energy value chain.

As a foundation we do not provide fully operational plug-and-play implementations. With our reference implementation and the knowledge from pilots, we support users with insights and exemplary coding.

With ‘Big Data’ prevalent in a smart energy system, privacy and security are a significant concern. With privacy & security by design, USEF is constructed to comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation.

By delivering a common standard to build on, USEF reduces the cost-to-connect different technologies and projects to the energy system. Its market-based control mechanism then defines the rules required to optimise that whole system, ensuring that energy is produced, delivered and managed at lowest cost.

USEF’s open ICT architecture provides the freedom to create unique and commercially competitive smart energy products and services while delivering a common standard on which to build them. This ensures that all technologies and projects will be compatible and connectable to the future smart energy system.

Through USEF, business and residential consumers will have access to the electricity market and will have the ability to actively sell flexibility, which is accumulated by Aggregators and offered as solutions to Grid Operators or Balance Responsible Parties. As well as offering value to all, democratising the energy market this way offers new commercial opportunities.

Many different parties, public and private, are looking for solid solutions. We believe that with detailed specifications and real-life pilots in the market, USEF is the most comprehensive, advanced initiative of its kind. The framework is designed to fit with other existing standards e.g.( can’t remember but they exist) and we are actively working with other providers to extend this because we believe that working together, to deliver a solution without vendor lock-in, is the fastest route to a fair and sustainable market.

An increasing number of pilots are based on USEF ideology. So far, two pilot projects demonstrate the working of the flexibility market and the implemented USEF framework in practice: Heerhugowaard and Hoog Dalem.

USEF aims to be the international de facto standard for smart energy systems, focusing on Europe.

The framework is freely accessible to all and can be downloaded here. To gain access to the Reference Implementation including the sample coding, please contact us.

By getting involved with USEF, you can become part of the future of a solid smart energy system. By accessing and sharing information, you have an opportunity to both understand what the future might look like and, where appropriate, become an early adopter of the market in order to develop unique products and services that will be connectable and cost-effective, allowing you to gain early market share.

If you want to get involved or would like further information, please contact us.