Demonstration projects

USEF is already being applied to smart energy demonstration projects and, as a framework, it can be adapted to fit different scenarios and markets. The only prerequisite is that they share its core principles i.e. that flexible energy use is considered a commodity, and that trading it will impact the interaction of all stakeholders in the energy value chain.

Fully implemented, USEF delivers all stakeholder interaction process models, communication protocols and even exemplary coding to accelerate software development. As a result, implementations accelerate, solutions are rapidly scalable and future connectability is ensured.

USEF reference project


Description: Unlocking flexibility from local power consumers A USEF-based smart energy system connects 200 households in Heerhugowaard and predicts the daily electricity use and production. The system automatically controls smart appliances, such as solar panels, heat pumps and electric boilers and thus enables flexible electricity consumption. An aggregator trades the resulting flexibility.

USEF reference project

Hoog Dalem – Home-battery system increases the flex-value of solar

42 households in an urban neighbourhood participate in a real life test where in-home-battery systems are combined with solar production, a smart in-home system and USEF. The aim of the test is to maximise the self-consumption of the solar production combined with decreasing the impact of the solar produced electricity on the local electricity grid….