Smart Solar Charging, is a consortium project in Utrecht, Netherlands. During periods of high solar production and low demand, surplus energy is stored in (pool) electric vehicle batteries. By the end of 2018, DSO, Stedin, will be able to call on this, via an Aggregator, in periods of congestion or high market prices. While the project will result in a multi-aggregator market, Jedlix initially sits centrally in this role. Vehicle users set their smart charging preferences via an app, enabling Jedlix to aggregate flexibility and forecast total domestic/business consumption one day ahead at 15 minute intervals. The DSO matches total demand with estimated solar generation and network capacity to identify congestion points and times in order to make a flexibility call to Jedlix.  The market for exchange and settlement of flexibility is based on USEF.

Status:  The project began in January 2017 and will run for 3 years.

Project contact:  Milo Broekmans,