A flexibility market design

A unified smart energy system requires a market for the exchange and settlement of flexible with component parts built on a common standard. USEF supports this transformation. Its flexibility market structure fits on top of existing energy market models and provides a standard to accelerate the connectivity, at lowest cost, of smart energy technologies, projects and markets on a regional, local and international basis.


Role functions & Interactions

Role specifications, interactions and use cases are provided for the the DSO, BRP and Aggregator. These describe individual responsibilities and basic service provision requirements. The corresponding contractual arrangements and agreements required to facilitate interaction between roles are also addressed.

A market-based coordination mechanism

The coordination mechanism ensures the entire system is optimised to maximise the value of flexibility. It makes It available where it will have the greatest impact in the system, while rewarding those that provide it.

Reference implementation

The reference implementation delivers a common standard for USEF-compliant systems to ensure interoperability. Easily extendable, it also includes role-related source code to save development time in USEF implementations.

Privacy & security

Privacy & security are defined to balance consumer confidence with security of supply. USEF complies with the new European General Data Protection Regulation.