This page contains older publications of USEF. The latest updates of our publications are available in our Publications section.

Case study: Practical deployment of electric vehicle flexibility

Jedlix and USEF Foundation

This paper explains how smart charging is used in practice to valorize electric vehicle flexibility. Download

Energy & Flexibility Services for Citizens Energy Communities

Elke Klaassen and Marten van der Laan

This paper aims to support the development and harmonization of the CEC role within the energy system. Download

Flexibility Platforms

Hans de Heer and Willem van den Reek.

A detailed introduction to various existing and emerging flexibility platforms. Download

Flexibility Value Chain - update 2018

A. van der Veen, M. van der Laan, H. de Heer, E. Klaassen and W. van den Reek.

A revised paper on USEF’s flexibility value chain. Download

Flexibility Value Stacking

E. Klaassen, M. van der Laan, H. de Heer, A. van der Veen, W. van den Reek

An introduction to the design principles behind the market model. Download

DSO Workstream - Market-based congestion management models

John Hodemaekers, Herman Bontius (USEF)

An assessment of 11 models that existed in 2017 Download

DSO Workstream - Market-based congestion management models

John Hodemaekers, Herman Bontius (USEF)

An assessment of 11 models that existed in 2017 Download

Workstream on Aggregator implementation models

Hans de Heer, Marten van der Laan (USEF)

Now includes Residential segment as well as Commerce & Industrial. Download

Flexibility from residential power consumption


End report of USEF's first completed demonstration project: EnergieKoplopers. Download

Dealen met pieken en dalen in nieuw energielandschap

Smart Energy Collective (SEC)

End report ProSECco - Trials Smart Energy Collective & Co. (Dutch only) Download

Energy flexibility: the devil is in the detail

Hans de Heer, Marten van der Laan

Article on considerations for demand response market design. Download

USEF Aggregator Workstream Interim results

USEF Aggregator Workstream

7 implementation models for effective aggregation (interim results Aggregator Workstream). Download

USEF DSO Workstream Interim results

USEF DSO Workstream

Exploring European best-of-breed DSO congestion management models Download

USEF at a glance

USEF Foundation

USEF, its context, objectives and benefits in a nutshell. Download

USEF summary in 12 slides

USEF Foundation

Our story in 12 pages: who we are, what we believe in and what the essential starting points of our framework are. Download

USEF EU Consultation

USEF Foundation

USEF's input for the EU consultation on a new energy market design. Download

The independent aggregator

USEF Foundation

Position Paper with a first introduction of the independent aggregator. Download

Electric Mobility Position paper

USEF Foundation

Summary of how EV market models align with USEF. Download

HOOKED! Fish for the Future

USEF Foundation

A modern day fairy tale about the essentials of a well-functioning flexibility market. Download

Harmonizing the implementation of EC's demand side flexibility objectives

Marten van der Laan and Hans de Heer

Recommendations and considerations on
'clean energy for all'
winter package. Download

How to set up a flex market

Marten van der Laan

Marten van der Laan presented a comprehensive checklist for consideration when setting up a local flex market. These are the highlights. Download

USEF: The Framework Specifications

Delivers detailed technical guidelines for implementation of an optimised market-based energy system. Download

USEF: The Framework implemented

USEF’s reference implementation offers sample coding to make building a USEF compliant IT system easier. It is available on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license. You can obtain the source code here. Visit