Reducing or better timing energy use or better timing it can significantly reduce costs for a business. You can also benefit financially by selling your flexible energy use to energy system parties, either directly, or via an Aggregator. Where energy use is not time-critical, they buy the ability to move it to reduce stress on the grid or to avoid buying energy when prices are high. Access to back-up power supplies could also be sold as flexibility for use in emergency situations, allowing your company to be switched on to it when the grid is stretched and demand needs to be reduced quickly, or to be called on in grid blackout situations.

USEF unlocks the value of this flexibility by turning it into a tradeable commodity (UFLEX) and delivering the market structure and tools and rules to make it work effectively. Adopting USEF can therefore provide new income, reduce or limits energy bills, and help your organisation be more sustainable. You may also choose to become an Aggregator based on USEF’s role description and interaction model.

Reasons to get involved

  • Securing energy supply
  • Profiting from own flexibility
  • Easy access to energy markets