Government benefits

Adopting USEF can help you by:
  • Providing a market design that fits on top of most market models
  • Providing guidance on implementing roles and regulation
  • Empowering energy prosumers and unlocking their distributed potential

Governments make the decisions which balance climate change targets with security of supply and consumer price sensitivity. The former make renewables a necessity but these introduce system challenges because they generate variable electricity and create a shift towards decentralised energy.

USEF addresses these challenges by providing a framework that unlocks the value of flexible energy use and a market structure and related tools and rules to commoditise and trade flexibility. The framework promotes an energy system with users at its heart. It enables and incentiveses all market stakeholders, encouraging them to work together towards and cleaner, sustainable and future- proof energy system.  By creating a common standard on which to build, it extends existing wholesale processes to incorporate flexibility, guaranteeing the interoperability of all roles, projects and markets. Its market-based control mechanism then ensures that the whole system is optimised to ensure that energy is always produced, managed, delivered and used in the most efficient and cost-effective way.