TSO Benefits

Adopting USEF can help you:
  • Access a larger pool of control and balancing power
  • Access distributed control power for solving local operation issues
  • Achieve lower prices via a larger availability of control power

Responsible for operating the energy system on a larger and often national scale, the main focus for the TSO is maintaining overall balance within the system. While system balance management mechanisms are strictly regulated, to achieve balance the TSO relies on BRPs. As a result, TSOs indirectly benefit from USEF through the BRP.  By unlocking flexibility and enabling it to be commoditised and traded, USEF helps BRPs optimise their portfolios. This, in turn, allows the BRP to offer improved balancing capacity to the TSO, making system operation easier and therefore cheaper.

The TSO can also, at times, face congestion issues related to the transmission of electricity, for example  over interconnection points with other countries, or where there are capacity issues as a result of maintenance etc.  USEF eases these system pressures significantly by unlocking the availability of localised capacity for re-dispatch.