The Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance wanted to bring together and encourage collaboration between all stakeholders in the future smart energy system. Its aim is to create a cohesive plan for the efficient integration of all system users, their behaviour and actions, and to optimise the power grid to provide an economically sustainable and secure energy supply that interacts effectively with wholesale and retail energy markets. Part of the project was focused on identifying suitable market models for activation of aggregated flexible electricity demand and generation for aggregators.

USEF was chosen because of its pan-European nature and the fact that it could be applied fairly easily to the Danish market. USEF’s balancing philosophies were also in line with those of the Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance. As well as providing a common standard, USEF has also helped to provide a common language which helps everyone involved in the future energy system to communicate more effectively. While unforeseen initially, USEF’s compliance with the European Commission’s Clean Energy Package when it was published has also ensured that the Danish model will comply.

Project contact: Helle Juhler-Verdoner