Enera is a 33 organisation consortium project funded by the Federal German Ministry of Economics and Energy. It aims to develop and demonstrate scalable solutions for energy transition in three areas: grid, market and data. Central element of the project is a flexibility platform developed by EPEX SPOT, on which system operators TenneT, Avacon Netz and EWE NETZ enter into flexibility contracts with aggregators.

USEF is supporting consortium party EWE in development and specification of a mechanism that allows system operators to verify the actual delivery of flexibility for the purpose of congestion management. The mechanism will be demonstrated in a framework that allows flexibility to be used for multiple purposes.

Status: Implementation in 2018 will be followed by a two-year proof of concept demonstration phase in 2019/2020. 

Project contact: Philip Goldkamp  philip.goldkamp@ewe.de

Weblink: www.energie-vernetzen.de