Locally-generated renewable energy is increasing but radical decarbonisation of the energy sector requires the unlocking of prosumer potential. The EU Interreg cVPP project aims to achieve this. The project began in December 2017 and proposes a community-based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP). Its unique model provides the opportunity to help organise and significantly boost renewable energy production and distribution at a local level. Encompassing communities in Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands with various characteristics, it aims to conceptualise & test cVPP in three different markets. USEF is a sub-partner of the project and is supporting the Dutch cVPP implementation.

USEF’s roles model has already been adopted to help identify the different roles in each cVPP implementation and USEF’s flex value chain was used to understand the different VPP functions leading to Demand-Side Flexibility. This provided a clear view of the current status of each implementation and better understanding of the different routes that the implementations are following.

USEF is a sub-partner, supporting the Netherlands implementation in conceptualising and testing cVPP